The renowned British fashion and beauty seller, ASOS, is aiming to add some sunshine to the LBGTQ community via their new partnership with GLAAD.  Long known for its focus on young people, the retailer that shares 850 brands has decided to add to its own clothing and accessories line while making a positive impact,  The “Together” Movement is a proud display that declares through the use of the ampersand (&) to unify the world and accelerate acceptance for all. 

ASOS has launched a stylish and meaningful line of graphic sweatshirts, tees and statement jewelry to benefit the cause seeking to stand with all communities subject to discrimination, GLAAD.  ASOS has a mission to pair fashion with integrity.  They look to transform how fashion can impact people and the planet.  Their determination and fearless approach to make brave decisions that showcase and open and honest lifestyle is on full display through this thoughtful and unique line of branded items. 

And ASOS’s beliefs in doing the right thing stems beyond this one cause area.  Nick Beighton, CEO of ASOS, recognizes that sourcing the perfect pieces shouldn’t just focus on commercial criteria, but should more importantly pursue ethical trading, sustainable sourcing and animal welfare.  The ASOS experience is more than fashion; it aims to create positive results for all of humanity.  From targeting to reduce their carbon, water and waste footprint to prioritizing recycling of returns.  From donating products to raise money for employment accessibility programs to employees volunteering thousands of hours. ASOS is operating from a place of authenticity and altruism. 

Their most recent endeavor in shedding light and raising awareness for equality is just another example of how companies can and should prioritize doing well by doing good above the bottom line.  ASOS is making a positive difference wherever they can.  Improving lives of young people in the communities where they operate is of the highest importance.  

The ASOS Foundation is a driving force for these constructive endeavors  The partnership they’ve developed with the iconic organization GLAAD will bridge the gap between style and activism.  The exclusive collaboration has produced a gender fluid collection that is promoting acceptance through fashion.  This limited edition capsule collection is a representative of our turbulent times.  It is a physical manifestation of the marginalized communities that have been silenced in the name of neutrality.  And ASOS believes it is time for this to end and that it is time to speak up.  

For over 30 years the LBGTQ media motivated leader, GLAAD, has been fighting the good fight.  Through this partnership ASOS will bring social justice issues to the forefront through fashion.  The “Together” campaign features shirts tote bags, and jewelry featuring GLADD’s ampersand logo which symbolizes unity. The pieces are gender-fluid for everyone and the prices start at $8 and cap off at $48.  With a portion of proceeds going to GLAAD to help spread their message of equality there could be no better reason to incorporate more & into your wardrobe into your wardrobe and philosophy than ever before.