From Scott & Marla Berger of Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry  

Mission statement | To unify mankind through a global spiritual awakening ignited by the realization of the power held by human intention 

Scott and Marla Berger, who have been designers of fine jewelry for decades, created the Tree of Life Movement in 2012. Through their design business, Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry, they discovered a way to combine their passion for fine jewelry design with their devotion to spirituality and humanity. Together, and with the inspiration of their four children, they began sharing the movement in their own community; eventually the movement spread nationwide and is now known around the world. What lies behind the growth and prosperity of this movement is the power of the intentions set to bring it into existence. The journey of launching this movement is a testimony to the power of the law of attraction. This movement identifies the common denominator connecting us all—the power of our intentions. This movement aims to create a global spiritual awakening to connect all souls. Each person brings a unique and powerful gift into the world. Our objective is to empower each person to identify their gift and inspire them to share its magnitude with others in the movement to create a revolutionary force of positivity—ultimately healing humanity and Mother Earth. 

Designed and manufactured in Scottsdale, Arizona, with much love and innovational expertise, the Tree of Life Intention Stick has made its global debut and has changed the lives of many through its inspiring and spiritual energy. With each Intention Stick comes a list of twenty-two intentions; of those intentions, one may be placed in the stick to connect your intention with the power of your heart and mind as you wear the necklace. The synergy that transpires between the Intention Stick and your body sends your chosen intention into the universe to be brought to life. Many in need around the world have enjoyed the power of this special creation. From health issues, to marital problems, to financial hardships, and beyond, there is nothing that cannot be addressed and improved with the power of positivity and the law of attraction, which are embodied by the Intention Stick. Each intention stick is designed in completely green and sustainable materials, as to not harm the environment during its manufacturing process.  

Unleash the power within to enhance your life and change the world by joining the movement and purchasing your very own Intention Stick. Available in several fabrications, the Intention Stick is available for sale at Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry’s gallery in Scottsdale. A fair portion of proceeds generated by sales will be used to plant trees and aid philanthropic causes around the world. By making your purchase, you are improving your life and the wellbeing of humanity and our planet. You will also be giving the opportunity of employment to special interest groups—individuals with neurological disabilities—who will be fulfilling all orders placed around the world. Local organizations Valley Life and Gompers will be providing the staffing for order fulfillment with love. Join the movement and prepare for your own spiritual awakening. We look forward to hearing your story after you realize the power of the Intention Stick. These stories are what connect us all as one, and this will ultimately make the world a better place. 

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