Tom’s has built an empire from the concept of paying it forward.  TOMS One for One campaign, created by Blake Mycoskie, the Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS has changed the way people purchase footwear and the way that they view corporate citizenship.  By now most people are familiar with their work donating shoes whenever one of their shoe products is purchased.  This concept and the manner in which it was marketed has created a whole new understanding of how corporate social responsibility can bring positive sentiment to a brand and develop customer loyalty based solely on their culture and values. 

What some people may not know is that TOMS has taken the philosophy of taking care of feet for the needy to include eyes.  TOMS Eyewear purchases provide a person in need with a full eye exam by trained medical professionals. Each patient then receives the treatment he or she needs. TOMS supports treatments for three of the most common vision issues: Prescription glasses, Sight-saving surgery and Medical treat.  And to date they have helped over 500,000 people.  

TOMS not only has stylish and unique eyewear that has an allure of its own, but they are certainly Giving In Style.  Purchases of the trendy shades support economic opportunity, gender equality, and access to education and restored independence.  TOMS works with a network of 14 Giving Partners in 13 countries to help provide communities in need with access to eye care. With restored vision, patients are able to reclaim their independence and return to their daily lives. 

And the ways that TOMS gives is not limited to programs tied to purchasing their products.  They have five other key ways that they are helping people and communities around the world to succeed.  Through the production of their products they create jobs by establishing manufacturing and sourcing in the countries where they give.  They invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs by leveraging their business to improve lives.  Their activation of people via their Giving Team has supported the eradication of diseases and launched cause-related shoes to support and raise money for organizations around the world.  At TOMS they lead fully integrated programs incorporating the programs with their Giving Partners into contributions aiding entire communities and their access to health, education and well-being.  And finally they are continuing to develop new products, like their eye wear, in an effort to launch new One for One giving products that support a genuine need. 

The results and innovation of TOMS programs are clear.  They have impacted more than 70 million people across six continents.  Undoubtedly their products and consequent support through shoes, sight, water, safe birth and bullying prevention services will continue to improve and beautify society one community at a time. 

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